Complex Management

of Innovative Projects

Right people. Right solutions

March 2012

The Synchro company is currently working out the project on introduction of the alternative energy equipment on the territory of Voronezh region in Russia.

February 2012

The agreement on reciprocal cooperation on technology transfer and holding specialized seminars was reached with Voronezh State University in Russia

January 2012

The Synchro company has taken part in the specialized Innovative Centre on energy and resource saving technologies for the Russian Oil and Gas complex.

October-December 2011

Following the order of the Russian partners, a range of scientific and technical materials has been prepared within the framework of the project on complex lightning protection systems for power engineering facilities.

May 2011

Technical meeting has been held at Aachen University with participation of Russian specialists. Its main goal was to agree on principals and approaches of the Russian-German collaboration in the context of energy security projects.

March 2011

Negotiations with a number of leading universities of Germany have been held to discuss the cooperation in lightning protection sphere. The work is being implemented on behalf of the Russian oil and gas companies.

February 2011

A long-term agreement of cooperation on technology transfer issues has been signed with one of the biggest Russian institutes of higher education – Ufa State Petroleum Technological University.

January 2011

 The work on development of cooperation with German partners has been launched with specialized NRW energy clusters included. The cooperation appears within the framework of the project on formation a technology platform in energy efficiency and resource-saving spheres for the Russian fuel-energy complex.

December 2010

With regard to the Law on energy saving approved by the Government of the Russian Federation the company Synchro has launched implementing a number of projects on analysis and organization of supplies of complex solutions, technologies and equipment for energy saving and energy security. The first agreements on cooperation with Russian energy and oil-gas industries have been signed. The supply of technologies and alternative wind power equipment, energy saving equipment, electrical and lightning equipment is being planned.

November 2010

The company Synchro will participate in programs on exchange of leading scientists and implementing research programs which are carried out by Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.