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of Innovative Projects

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Description of the project Our propositions

Research and development of ways of obtaining and use of preparations of vegetable origin for central nervous system disorder treatment and mental activity improvement.

Prophylaxis and treatment of such diseases as epilepsy, syndrome of disinhibited attention, memory and cognitive processes disorder.

There is a lab technology, preclinical trials are carried out. Clinical trials are planned for next year.

An effective means of treating diseases.

Joint research and market introduction.

Production of a dietary supplement  “Antidiabet”

Prophylaxis and treatment of diabetes of SD 2 type. Only technology.

An effective means of treating diseases.

Joint research and market introduction.

Production of shikonin preparation and shikonin-based products.

The preparation is a substance for obtaining medicines mainly of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-burn (wound-healing) actions. 

Production technology. Opportunity of elaboration a cheaper medicine in comparison with known analogues.
Joint research and market introduction.

Oinment «Eritrorizan» based on shikonin, obtained by a biotechnological method.

Treatment of pyoderma, dermatophytes, festering wounds in the first phase of wound healing, durable nonhealing wounds of various origin, venous ulcers, pressure sores with an active process of wound exudates. 

Production technologies. Possibility of creating a cheaper medicine in comparison with known analogues.  Joint research and market introduction.

Hydrocolloid wound-healing agent Galagran

Wound healing (fresh, contaminated, durable nonhealing wounds), ulcers of various origins, including venous ulcers, pressure sores and osteomyelitis. Production technologies. Laboratory production. Clinical trials, permission for use. Unique technology – effective wound treatment. Joint production. Non-exclusive license sale.

Medicine based on the enzyme for replacement therapy and enzyme deficiency correction 

Complex enzyme preparations for improvement of digestive processes and correction of lactose deficiency. 

Technology, preclinical trials. Effective means for treatment diseases. Joint study, clinical trials, production development.

Transdermal therapeutic systems (ТТS) 

Production technology. Laboratory production. Clinical trials, partial permission for use. Universality and high-performance matrix, absence of local irritating effect, isotropy of the length and width that permits to regulate drug supply speed individually. 

Joint study, joint production development, non-exclusive license sale.