Complex Management

of Innovative Projects

Right people. Right solutions

Description of the project Our propositions

Biological product against the larvae of mosquitoes «Lavriol-pasta».

High-performance, immediate-action, universal remedy for destruction of all kinds of mosquito larvae propagated in natural and artificial reservoirs. 

Ready technology, pilot and commercial production.
The preparation saves form mosquitoes for a long period; the effect is expressed in large areas.
Technology sale. Ready production supply.

Development of production technology of biodegradable plastics.

Biodegradable plastics may be applied in medicine, pharmacology, hygiene and sanitation items, agriculture, food industry, community facilities, etc. 

The technology is effective and ecologically harmless. 
Technology and pilot production. Joint research and market introduction.

Complex biotechnological approach to soils and water refinement

Soils and water refinement from oil pollution by modern biotechnological methods. Production technology. Pilot industrial and serial production. Permission for use. Unique complex of methods of oil pollution neutralization. Joint production development, non-exclusive license sale.