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Innovative cavitation technology of liquid and solid animal feed preparation «CaviKorm» and RCD equipment (animal feeding system)

It's a new feeding system for animal husbandry, aviculture, fish breeding. There is a proven technology, pilot drafts, serial production in Russia. «CaviKorm» technology was developed and tested in production quantities in cooperation with All-Russian State Research Institute of Animal Husbandry of RAAS (the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences). This is a unique technology that provides feed cost saving and feed effectiveness increase. Fattening carried out with this technology guarantees receiving pork of the highest quality category with the cost price of 20-30 rubles per kilo. The average pork cost price in Russia is more than 50 rubles per kilo.

RCD - rotary chopper-disperser performs simultaneously 4 technology functions:

  1. Feed grinding in a liquid medium;
  2. Extraction of bioactive components;
  3. Emulsification – as a result wet feed of suspension type;
  4. Feed self-heating up to the pasteurization temperature;

RCD installation means:

  1. Power consumption – up to 50 kw of electric power per hour;
  2. Capacity  – at least 50 m³ of feed per day;
  3. At least 50% reduction of the feed cost;
  4. At least 50% increase of the profitability of pork production.

 Technology of citric acid production out of various carbon sources

This is a new technology of citric acid production based on the usage of specially selected highly active and stable yeast strains as producers.

We have the technology, strains-producers, pilot production, and intellectual property.

Plant growth stimulant  – "Mitsefit" preparation

The preparation provides reduction of the seed germination time, growth of the root system and green biomass, raising the level of crop yield.

The technology is ready. There is a pilot and industrial production.

1gr/1ha increases seed germination by 30-80 % subject to kind of crop.

Technology sale. Ready products supply.

Plant growth stimulant  Gibbersib

Raising the level of crop yield and quality of fruits, vegetables and berries. Serial production. Full approval documentation. Safety for man, warm-blooded animals, birds. Increase in potato crop capacity by 20-30%. 

Joint production, sale of non-exclusive license, ready products supplies.

Biologically active feed additive “Spirustim” for resistance and production increase of farm animals and birds. 

Increase in weight gain of birds, increase in egg production.

For fur animals: increase of birth rate and safety of puppies, improvement of wool and top coat pigmentation quality, rapid recovery of digestive function after infectious diseases and antibiotics treatment. Production technology. Increase in offspring survival rate.  Improvement of the fur of minks, etc. Joint researches and market introduction.

Enzyme preparations, intended to increase feed nutritional value.

Multicomponent enzyme preparations aimed for increase in feed nutritional value.

Polienzyme preparation aimed for canning (silage) of high protein grasses (legumes). Production technology. Pilot and industrial production. Certification. High efficiency and stability. Production organization, ready products supply.

Method of induced autolysis  and obtaining a purified yeast extract.

Obtaining autolysis and yeast extracts for usage as proteins and biologically active substances source in the farm animals feed composition. Obtaining dietary supplements for foods, growth factors and protein source for growth and diagnostic nutrient media.

Production technology. Reduce of process time, low energy content, absence of a scarce or expensive raw materials, opportunity of process automation.

Joint production, sale of non-exclusive license.

Highly efficient environmentally friendly crop protection Lepidotsid

It is aimed for crop protection from different insects. Serial production. Full approval documentation. A wide range of action against harmful species, high ecological compatibility: safe for humans, warm-blooded animals, birds, fish, useful insect fauna and for the environment.

Joint production, sale of non-exclusive license, ready products supply.