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Description of the project
Chemistry of peptides - solid phase peptide synthesis

As a pilot draft of Russian-German cooperation in the biotechnology sphere SynChro Master  - a new type of a solid phase flow peptide synthesizer  - has been developed. Usage of the new synthesizer lets reduce the cost price of peptide synthesis for 30% due to a significant saving of dissolvents and reagents and to render production more environmentally friendly.

Main characteristics:

  • continuous flow reactor with variable volume
  • permanent zero “dead volume” in the reactor during the synthesis process which permits to use high efficiency and operating volume of the reactor
  • real time sensor for a continuous monitoring of the degree of swelling of polymer (original svellographic monitoring)
  • sampler for a polymer of original design which lets implement a classic control process of quality and completeness of behavior of each  synthesis phase (Kaiser test) by sampling the polymer without interruption of a synthesis process
  • significant saving of reagents and dissolvents during the synthesis process duу to svellografic monitoring
  • full control over the majority of synthetic processes
  • ease of scaling the process
  • module construction that provides a free configuration of system components


In cooperation with Russian scientific partners we have developed the MegeGene matrix technology of comparison for mammals, bacteria and viruses genomes which has firstly been presented in Australia in 1999 at a virology congress.

Today with the help of the advanced GigaGene technology which has initially been created for supercomputers we are able to calculate the matrix of a full human genome (3.2 billion x 3.2 billion base pairs) within 24-hour period on a usual computer.

Superhigh-speed algorithms of genomes comparison have been developed. This is especially actual because pyrosequencing is supposed to let decipher a large amount of full genomes of different organisms.

Our programs have a good-looking interface and graphics.

Power engineering

The company Synchro carries out complex works on development and introduction of long-termed programs on energy saving for Russian industrial enterprises including energy facilities, oil-refining and petrochemical plants.

Besides, the company carries out work on the promotion of new wind turbines with vertical rotor of German production.

In 2011 according to the order of the biggest Russian oil-gas and energy companies a new Russian-European project has been launched to develop and establish production of lightning protection systems for power grids and energy facilities.

In 2011-2012 the company plans to create a joint Russian-German consortium on energy-saving issues and to organize a cooperative production of energy-saving equipment.